Hey guys,
Bought a v845 last year and haven't even used it, so tried it today and am having great fun.

I can't turn it on/off when im sitting down though because you need a sheet ton of strength. A guy on a forum who was a tank at 100kg could do it once in a blue moon, and at 40kg and with no experience of wah-ing I simply can't do this regardless of position, hell even using it the other way round (not heel to toe, toe to heel)

There are rubber feet below the plate which are actually bigger than the switch. If I cut these off literally it'd remove all the resistance but would make reselling way harder. Can I somehow take the wah plate off?

My advice is to learn to use it, find a nice placement for the wah if you want to sit and use it. It really shouldn't be that hard and you'll get used to it. The wah will become a part of your right or left leg, whichever you use for it. If you're having fun with it, why worry of the reselling? I cut mine long time ago and the wah is too loose so that I would either have to get it fixed or replaced, no way to sell it. But I like it a bit loosened, makes it easier to use it.
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There should be four screws underneath the wah, take the bottom plate off and see if you're able to adjust the switch upwards so it's more pressable.

Otherwise, rubber feet are replaceable, and when people get second hand wahs they kind of expect them to be roughed up a bit.

With my own wah, I can switch it standing up fine, but sitting down need to press fairly hard... I didn't want the switch too high to avoid accidentally pressing it, and I would be standing up in a stage situation.
I would just sell it as "modified".
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Is your floor carpeted? It's a little harder to switch on carpet compared to a hard surface like concrete or wood.

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