Hey all, Im applying to a conservatory to study composition. For the audition, they require 3 pieces on classical guitar ONLY (no electric guitar or anything, must be a classical piece). Copied from the website, these are what I need to play:

"Perform a memorized solo from the standard repertoire and two etudes that utilize different techniques (i.e. arpeggio, scale, rest-stroke melody). Be prepared to perform from memory any two and three octave major and melodic minor scales (Segovia edition) with rest or free stroke (i-m; m-a). NOTE: electric guitar may NOT be used for auditions."

I'm fine with the scale section but I need to figure out what pieces to play. So far I'm thinking of doing J.S. Bach's Bouree in E minor and Carcassi's Etude no. 3 op. 60 (arpeggio and rest stroke technique). I need another Etude, should I play another one of Carcassi's? Do you think these are good pieces to preform for the audition?
Definitely pick another composer for the second Etude. Your other repertoire choices are boring enough so at least show that you know more than 2 composers who wrote etudes for guitar.

Giuliani has some fun etudes. Maybe try op.1, 10. It's a fun Allegro mostly based on legato runs and simple chords up and down the neck.
Another idea would be Tarrega's Etudes 1 or 2.

The Bourree is perhaps the easiest "standard repertoire" piece around and it's also rather short so I think you should play something more ambitious if you can.