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It is experimental because the song is hard to precisely predict.
It is shoegaze because it makes me want to gaze at my shoes.
It is djent not because it has djenty guitar tones, but because it is rhythmically similar to most djent.
It is electronic because I am using electronic instruments rather than acoustic.

What is your question?
It's electronic, but not really experimental. Being not able to predict a song doesn't mean it's experimental. The rhythm is a bit tricky, but it sounds really weird and doesn't really make a lot of sense.
But it's definitely not shoegaze, and definitely not djent. Shoegaze is something completely different than what you described
Dream or trip hop. Not Djent or any of them.
Shoegaze is when a band stares at their feet because they have to change a bunch of effects, that's where that comes from.
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It is electronic.
It has polyrhythms, that doesn't mean it's djent. It's not. It just has polyrhythms so don't confuse the two please.
It's not shoegaze even if it does want to make you, TS, stare at your shoes, shoegaze is a style where people playing instruments, which this doesn't have, stare at their shoes, it's not even much of a genre, it's just a label which bands get when they play live like that.
It's not particularly experimental I wouldn't say, you use a bass synth and a lead synth with polyrhythms, it's not particularly layered and the song is very linear.

Not trying to be a dick here even though it could be seen as I am.
It's not bad melody wise but the synth tone sounds like a carnival song from a 90's American Teen Movie.
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Well, shoe gaze has that wall of sound...which is usually achieved by using alotta effects (reverse delay, big muff, tremolo, etc...). That's why some people look as if they are looking at their shoes. It is usually guitar heavy. And the vocals mix in with the instruments. Checkout My Bloody Valentine.
Well I completely agree with everyone here. If I was hypothetically playing all of this on instruments it would come oout as I described it, but what I have recorded which is what I posted isnt actually that. But it would be called trip hop? I have never heard of that