Hi guys,

Somehow managed to compose a new song

Actually I had composed the chorus segment a couple months ago and since I quite liked the feel of it I decided to build up a new song around it.

This is my heaviest song so far, the rhythm guitars are in 7-string Drop-A, it's the first time I use it, I decided to challenge myself and try to compose for such low tunings.

The drums still need a bit of work, they're quite basic I think, I still have some trouble writing good drum parts.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/riptriton/outlandish4

Guitar Pro 6 (GPX): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/194502/music/originals/gp/Outlandish.gpx

Hope to get some good feedback from you! Thanks.
I wonder how do you play chords like:


This is my heaviest song so far, the rhythm guitars are in 7-string Drop-A

The tab is in Standard though

Sorry, I can't comment on the song. Not my cup of tea.
Sorry for the delay, been busy with college.

The song has potential, but I think the guitar tuning makes the song too heavy, but not in terms of brutality, more in terms of boredom.
I also feel it needs some more dynamism, maybe some new chord progressions, because 5:28 minutes of the same progression can get a little repetitive :
My opinion could be a little slanted since I'm not a fan of such genre, maybe you wanted to go for that vibe, but I'm just giving away some tips I think could help.

Keep working mate!