So currently I have two options for a guitar (I don't have any other options so please no suggestions.)

The options are the V-200 and the RX10D, the Jackson is a bit more expensive than the LTD, the Jackson also comes with a hardcase and non-stock pickups (I can't remember which pickups they are but all I know is that they are better than the stock ones)

The LTD would cost about $250 and the Jackson would cost $400, so which would you go for and why?

Also on a completely different note, what exactly is a backstop?
THe RX10D because it has non-stock pickups and its also just a better guitar overall.

Oh, and a Backstop is the person who catches the ball in Baseball.
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LTD V-200, because with the money you can save you can put in at least one good pickup of your choosing (maybe used), and get a case, and you don't get the cheap LFR that the Jackson has.
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