I have a 9 year old Deluxe Players Fender strat. I've adjusted the trus rod to try and get rid of fret buss on all the strings. I cant get rid of the fret buzz without raising the action crazy high and having a large dip in the neck. Also my saddly intonation adjusters keep stripping out the screws. I'm wondering if I need to get a new saddle or do something different. Can someone tell me if its worth learning how to relevel the fret board on my own or should i take it to a shop? Also, should I buy a new saddle and replace it myself or should i take it in. I've had the thing 9 years and this is my first and only issue, so I'm not sure if it's worth me doing it on my own or paying someone to do it? I live in Phoenix.
How much frett buzz are you getting, and on which frets? You're always going to get a tiny amount of buzz if you want to play with low action - as long as it's not coming out of your amp and it's not killing your sustain, it isn't a problem. Obviously it's a different story if you're getting completely dead notes.

Try adjusting your neck to only have a tiny amount of relief, then place a metal straight edge along the frets. If they're all over the place, levelling wouldn't hurt. Give your local luthier a call. A one-off fretwork session would be a lot cheaper than the tools and you'd likely get a better result than your first attempt. It's certainly a great skill to learn, but perhaps that's not the guitar to practice on, you know?

Replacing saddles is easy business though, so definitely tackle that yourself; unless you can buy the saddle and get the luthier to do it all in one shot for nothing extra.
Thanks for the advisement. I'm getting fret bus on all strings, more so 1st to 5th fret. Ive raised the action super high, replaced my 9's with 11's, and had to get rid of the saddle springs and take the saddles back to the bridge-end to intonate, but i dont like playing the action that high. Plus cant get perfect intonation like this.
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For the most part, truss rod adjustment doesnt get rid of fret buzz.
You either have a warped neck, or just really bad frets. Also, going up in string guage cause more fret buzz, not less.

what I was told by a local repair tech is that 9s vibrant wider than 11s, I was also told this by a guitar pr rep at a string manufacturing company. were they wrong?
I would probably take it to a luthier, I have built an acoustic and had to do a fer adjustments on the bridge/frets. If you have to move the saddle all the way back, it sounds like you have the rod way too tight, lengthening the scale, but if that is causing the action to be too high, it sounds like you have it too loose and your neck is bowing.
If you want to try it yourself, I would say, adjust the rod to get the neck flat with a straight edge. Then see where the end of the straight edge hits the saddle. The saddle should be higher. That would be a good place to start. After that, you would either want to get a book or do a lot of research. I could go on with the process but it would take a while.
Oh, if when your neck is flat, you have no frets sticking up, that shouldn't be the problem. It sounds like it might be a twisted neck from the discription.