Hey guys,

I've picked up guitar again after a little break and I've been practicing probably around 4 hours a day. I've been working a lot on my alternate picking and soloing, since previously I was predominantly a rhythm player. One thing that is irritating me though, is that whenever I seem to play single note lines, other strings (higher and lower) seem to ring out. I found that moving my picking hand palm down the strings to mute along with my fretting hand reduces this somewhat, but it's still there in the background. I practice with a clean tone, and it's even worse when I add distortion.

Any suggestions?
Eric Johnson has good video on that issue as well on you tube. Guthrie Govan also addresses it in some videos.

Properly muting unwanted strings separates great players from amateurs - you should always incorporate it in your practice. You need to use both your left and right hand to mute the strings you aren't using ( depending on the scenario). I hook unused high strings with my right hand fingers.