So, this is my first thread here, because i'm new
What i want to do, is;
1) get a second hand acoustic guitar
2) put a board of wood over the sound hole, put in some 'F-Cuts'
3) add some pickups over that board of wood,
4) attach some knobs, a treble/rhythm switch

1) i might cut the back of the body off to make the body less deep,
2) go really silly and add some guitar friction tuning pegs,

what i want to know is,
1) if any of this is possible/impossible
2)any other cool suggestions

thanks for your time
Might be a cool project. Try getting a thin acoustic, that way you won't need to cut any material off. It might be worth it to make the board flush with the sound hole for aesthetics, then use some sort of filler and paint over it. What type of pickups would you get? P90's are great for jazz guitars. It would be cool too to get an acoustic with a piezo pickup already in it so you can have a full acoustic sound as well as an electric sound.
I'd think that putting a board of wood over your pre existing top would deaden the sound of the guitar significantly, even if you were to cut F-holes in it. much of an acoulstic's sound comes from the vibration of the top, and if you stiffen it IE adding more wood to it, you'll surely dampen the vibrations. along side that there's also the clearance issue, I don't know specifically what guitar you're looking at, but mine only has about a half an inch of space between the body and the strings, and when I push down on the 21st fret, that gets even smaller, and surely you don't want to lose use of some frets, so it'd have to be quite a thin board.

Making the body more shallow will also lose alot of bass in the tone.

What it sounds like to me is you want a hollowbody or semihollowbody electric, they are almost exactly what you're describing in this post.
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