this is my attempt to play the love theme from final fantasy. It,s been a while since i picked up the guitar, having gone trough dificult times. This song really soothes me and eases my mind. Anyways hope you like it and give me some feedback :-) c4c of course.

Well, I never messed with final fantasy but I like, I might even learn it myself lol.

For the feedback, i like your tone, how did you get it?
If anything, sometimes when you hit the bass note, it'll drown out everything else for a split second in a loud hum, maybe you could eq it a little? That's not much of a problem while listening though.

If you want more feedback also, maybe try to alternate more between your index and middle finger when picking notes. I do it like you too, mostly index, but apparently alternating is more "proper practice"...they probably have a point though...

anyways, c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1635822
thanks for the feedback !!! my fingerpicking isn't that fluent hahahahahaa i know i should use my middlefinger more :-P

as for the tone, just some delay, reverb and univibe (boss me 70)

cheers !