what do think about berklee 12 week summer program

Hi everyone i wanna go to berklee 12 week summer
I'd like to ask about others opinions
I'm playing guitar for 8 years I'm 20*
And I know a lot about music what do you think about berklee summer
This some of my songs Soundcloud.com/spityura
Tnx in advance
Any comment would be appreciated
its overpriced, and if you are over 18, you are forced to stay somewhere besides the dorms, which they will spring on you about a month before you are ready to leave by sending you a pamphlet with a letter and ads of places to stay which have curfews at 9 or 10pm, pay all that money and you cant even get a feel for the dorms. and converse with others, I guess you can pray that other kids from the summer program get put in the same place as you. good luck.
Its good experience and a good way to meet people, but its expensive. Do it for fun, but i wouldn't expect any more than that.
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commaaaaan its berklee and i dont want to just do the summer program , after summer i want to continiue studying in berklee. do you think its better to start some course instead of summer program?