So after months of deliberation, I finally bought what is essentially my dream guitar. But first, a little backstory:

Four years ago I was read-ended at about 30mph, when I had to stop short at a green light (rush hour traffic, blah). Anyway, that resulted in five herniated discs at 20 years old, and that's just no fun. In fact, it totally messed up a lot of things for me, and put me in intense pain until late last year when I finally found the right physical therapist who was able to help me get myself together (without the invasive surgery everyone else wanted to do - money grubbing wackos!) So anyway, because I got hurt thanks to someone else's negligence, I was awarded a small sum of money for my troubles. To celebrate my health, and to ease the pain of long sessions standing with a heavy guitar, I used a chunk of my settlement cash to buy my dream guitar...

Placed the order on Monday, and found this at my door on Wednesday. To quote the UPS driver I ran into in the parking lot: "Are you from 405? I just left some boxes at your door, I hope they're not expensive!" Thanks, ass hat. He could have left them at the apartment office literally 200 feet away.

A wild case appears! What could be inside?

iiiiiiittt's...EMPTY! Because apparently even though the Musiciansfriend salesman on the phone said they're pack it in the case, they can't promise anything. Alas.

In what is apparently an attempt to make up for it, they gave me a fancy calendar. Spoiler alert - the guitar was not harmed, so I accepted their gift and moved along.

In case you haven't figured it out by now (it's kind of in the title) this should be a big hint:

Woohoo! It's a sunburst thinline jaguar, supposedly one of only one hundred in the color imported by Fender US from Fender Japan.

Scored it for $899 shipped, which is a steal. Been watching the deal come and go and come back again for months now, waiting for my check to arrive. That was super stressful! I still feel like $1500 is too much for this guitar, but frankly I think that's too much for any brand new guitar, and I've never come close to paying that much for an instrument. This is actually the most I've ever paid for an instrument at $899, even though I also have an SG Standard and a Korg SV-1 - I go where the deals are

So after literally 30 seconds of playing it stock, the bridge was off and the mustang bridge was on there, along with some 11s. I bent the arm back up into place, tightened the collet with some needle nose pliers, and we hit the ground running. Took a minute to get used to the vintage radius, but now I don't think I could ever go back to the 9.5 of the VM Jag that started my jaguar addiction. Sorry, old friend.

The one thing this guitar really suffered from, though, was the world's lightest and driest fretboard. I broke out my trusty F-One oil, and took case of that. Left side is oiled, right side isn't. Not the best picture but it was a night&day difference in person. The grain popped out with some gorgeous patterns, too.

Anyway, yesterday I got the last piece of the modification puzzle for now. Before:

And after! It's an allparts pickguard, only took a few minutes of wiggling and pushing (with chrome covers loosened) and a small bit of filing down by the master controls. Not too bad, especially for $40 and shipped in three days. I will most likely send the original guard for a tracing for a real tort guard one day when I have the money for it, but until then, this one gets the job done.

Now we're rocking and rolling along like this for a while. Gonna get some funky knobs at some point, and probably replace the trem arm with a staytrem, since I'm not crazy about the grating metal feeling that resulted from my collet tightening. At least it's firm and quiet for now.

Some of my thoughts on the guitar, remember I'm coming from a Squier VM Jag:
-The pickups are not nearly as weak as I was expecting, from my research around here. They're loud and clear and quiet. I'm very happy with them and won't be changing them out.
-The switches are HUGE! This will take come getting used to. They're much larger (around, and taller) than the VM switches. Strange, but I'll survive.
-Fender Japan knows how to make a guitar. Wow. I have an american fender p-bass and american gibson sg. My MIJ mustang bass and this MIJ jaguar are on the same level, if not higher quality. The binding on the jaguar's neck is absolutely on par with the SG's neck binding, which is no small feat.
-The chambered body definitely changes the tone a little bit, it has a more woody vibe and it resonates beautifully. Very loud unplugged, and lighter than a solid jagaur when it's strapped on. Just the way I like it!

Well, enough of all this, back to playing my new guitar!
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Wow! Very awesome look, my friend.

Thanks! I always see you in threads with guitars along these lines, I knew you'd pop up eventually haha
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Extremely classy guitar, i'm jealous. HNGD!
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Man, I can't get over how perfect that binding is. Fender Japan is the best. You're making me miss my Paisley ST-57 a lot.
Looks great. Congrats and HNGD!
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Jags are the best (I have three of them, myself). Enjoy it in good health, and HNGD!
Congrats that thing looks awesome. Got me GASing
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Wow! Looks great, HNGD
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As someone who's herniated a disc before I know how you feel brother.

Congrats on the axe and speedy recovery! It took me 2 years to recover from mine when I finally found a decent physio.
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