Im getting an ESP horizon...and i dont know if to get the JB/59 combo in either alder or mahogany body maple top...or EMGs 81/60 in an alder body. music i play is

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see if you can try each out first, or find guitars with similar spec's and pickups to see what you prefer
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Well it pretty much depends on whether or not you want active pickups. Actives have extremely weak magnets that are boosted by an internal preamp. The advantage of this is that they are considered to be more sensitive to the details of your guitar's sound, and there is less electromagnetic damping of the strings which equals longer sustain. However, some people are not so keen on the compressive nature of the preamp. They also require you to put them as close as possible to the guitar's strings to get maximum volume, which can hinder your playing if you like playing above the pickups.

The passive pickups add their own colour to the sound which a lot of people like, and of course they have the advantage of no batteries to replace. It's up to you really. Perhaps you should go try them out in a guitar shop?

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see if you can try each out first, or find guitars with similar spec's and pickups to see what you prefer

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Whats your amp? just curious..

Id go for the mahogany body, passive pickups.
I know the guys from LoG use SD's.
Rest im guessing are active based.

One thing i did notice though when i had a guitar with actives was that i had to EQ differently when swapping between active and passive pickup guitars.
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