Been playing for 21 years, and always got by with a basic distortion stomp box, a decent guitar, and a decent amp, the amp's always had a good reverb on it so never really required that.

I'm in a new band, and finding that I need a bit of delay to fill the sound, and a boost for solo's.

I owned a zoom 1010 back in the day, but was never a big fan, the other guitarist in the band is swaying me towards a pod hd 500x, but being a guy that likes to travel light, and also love the pure valve tone, I don't know whether I should be looking at something like that or a few stomp boxes, or a different multi effects pedal (I've heard the zoom g9.2tt is pretty good)

Just looking for a bit of advice.
Zoom G5. Sorted. Excellent delay options and a Tube Booster with a real tube.
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The Zoom 9.2 is horrible. The G3/5 is great. There's a huge difference between the g3/5 and all the other zoom multifx pedals. Also, check out the Line 6 m series if you dont need all the features on the 500x.
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RP500, RP1000, G3(x), G5, HD500 are all good units. Depends on your price range and whether you can find a good deal used. The Zoom G series are the least ergonomic for playing live, but have an awesome looper synced with drum machine for jamming by yourself. The RP series are solid performers. The HD500 and Zoom use the newer stompbox setup paradigm.
You can get good used deals on TC Nova sys...
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Personally, I prefer standard pedals.

...but if you want a versatile MFX pedal (I am thinking about it), and you have an iPad2 or newer (I do), I think the DigiTech iPB-10 is a solid option.

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