Hi to all out there, I would like to probe you all for a little advice (probe ha ha), I currently own a Jackson PDX phil demmel king V (the cheaper version) and I'm just not too keen on the whole Floyd rose malarkey, over all the guitar is superb but I have come to seek your advice/opinion on a trade.
My local guitar shop has a very clean epiphone SG G-400 for sale and is willing to do a straight swap for mine.
I listen to rock and metal like alter bridge, stone sour, hale storm and was bottle fed on GnR, I do like heavier stuff like killswitch engage but I don't really play it much.
So in a nut shell does it sound like a good idea and would anyone here go for it.

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is your guitar the $700 one retail?

if so it's not a great deal imo. you can get the g-400 for $200-250 used pretty regularly.

well, depending on where you live.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I haven't played either of those, just jumped on ebay, yours is worth more.

Is the SG G-400 used? If it's new, then they're probably worth the same amount (yours used, theirs new).

If it's used then I'd say no just purely from a $$$ point of view. :/
I'm in the UK, both guitars are near immaculate, mine is 2 years old and the cheaper version PDX-1 which is going for £385 on GAK the SG about 1 year old £210 new.
Is it a waste to just block up the trem? now I look at those prices it does seem like a bum deal.
it's not hard at all to block a trem. it's just wedging in a correctly sized piece of wood.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.