Hi I'm just wondering if this is a fair trade for me...trading my LTD EC-200qm for a mid 80's tokai super strat. I do like the fender style guitars over the gibson style but not sure if I should make this trade or not. I paid $500 for my LTD a year and a half ago, still in good shape. Thanks for any feedback
First, I'm just a random bloke who knows NOTHING about either of the guitars you mentioned, however I do have access to this wonderful interweb thingy and found this:


and this:


The latter suggests you paid about $200 too much for the guitar you currently own, and the former suggests that the guitar you are being offered wouldn't fetch ~$350 on the open market (as it's got no bids at £200). To me, this suggests there isn't a massive difference in their worth as bits of wood and metal.

One thing I would say is that guitars built in Japan will be FAR better screwed together than the average Chinese-made thing, so you could be getting a bit of a deal here in that respect. Ultimately though, my suggestion is that you should only swap if you prefer the other guitar, for whatever reason. Personally, I'd only consider a swap if (a) I knew a fair bit about what I was swapping for or (b) I could try them back-to-back.