So right now I'm playing all my instruments through a bass amp and want to make it into a full stack so I can get more highs.

Right now my set-up is comprised of a Peavey TVX 115 EX 1x15 8ohm 500w cabinet and a Peavey Headliner Tour 600w head.

Well, I got the combo for 300 bucks at a used guitar store but recently the head crapped out. Now I'm thinking about getting a new head along with a second cab for more highs. Probably something like a 4x12 guitar cab. I tried to look for some ultimate guide on google on what to look for and how to make everything work but all I've figured out is that I need another 8ohm cab and that the head should do 4ohm b/c it'll be powering two 8ohm cabs.

Could anyone give me advice on heads, cabs and wattage so I know what to get? What'd happen if I paired a 200w guitar cab with my 500w cab and what wattage should the head be then?

I'm really unsure what to do with this odd stack I'm making, I want to keep that bass speaker in the mix though because it sounds glorious with my RATT pedal, I just feel like bass speakers take to distorted guitar better but I need more highs.

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