I want it man. You know what I'm talking about. That screaming metal tone that sends shivers down spines. I'm talking modern here. I want pinch harmonics to scare the hell out of me. I have an Ibanez S series (S571DXQM) with infinity pickups (they're pretty hot) a boss gt-8 pedal board (pretty good equipment that makes me believe i can get this sound). And a Peavey Special 130 Amp. Please don't post anything like "well first run through the basics" cause i probably dont even know most of them. I've never been taught anything about amps and with my fiddling around, havent gotten the sound i wanted. Any help is greatly appreciated! First post on the forum, so thanks!
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well how bout posting wat you want from us instead of what not. for starters your amp is hardly a metal machine. best you can do is set it up clean and use the distortion form you fx unit. that is something that is to taste so experiment until you get a good sound.