I´ve just recently started an "americana"-style band along side my rock cover band and it´s basically just like starting over again when it comes to gear, mics and "how too´s". So I though I´d do a little review on a product I bought to reduce feedback

Company: http://www.lutehole.com

Price: pretty expensive

they range from 40 US$ and up. I got a walnut, medium with a "gothic"-style cut for my Guild which set me back 70$ and another 16$ since it´s not the basic 4" cut

Quality: Awesome

the thing is just beautiful, weighs nothing and is pure craftsmanship. Fits perfectly in the hole and is easily removed

Shipping: world wide

of course the one I wanted had to be ordered from the US seeing that it could not be found in any of the european outlets and shipping to europe is costly. The 3 week wait was terrible but this is the norm unfortunatelly so no darkness should be shed on the lute hole Company for this.


the medium "muffles" the sound a bit accoustically and when lined out it brings the lower frequencies down a little in volume but still lets the guitar shimmer.


this product does exactly what it says it will. With the amount of volume I get now I could probably of got away with a "light" but it has yet to be tested on stage, just in our rehearsal studio so I feel that it is probably better to have a little extra "protection"


Definitelly!!!...as said it works just great and compared to those black rubber ones it doesn´t kill your tone. And the looks of the thig are a really great bonus....people are just amazed with it
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