Hey guys, I was thinking about buying the AD30 from orange and had a few questions

Does it take pedals well?
Is the distortion good or should I use a pedal?
Will it sound good thru my gibson LP?
Sound good for classic rock(Led Zep, Cream)?
Sound good for 90s rock(Radiohead, Weezer)?
Vs Fender 65 deluxe reverb reissue?

Thanks in advance
The answer is probably yes to all the questions, but as far as comparing it to a Fender Deluxe Reverb...the question is whether you want amp distortion or not. The Fender will be inconvenient to get amp distortion from, and it won't be suitable for much other than smoother blues or classic rock.
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Speaking from experience with mine...

It takes od and fuzz pedals quite well. However, the lack of an effects loop makes modulation pedals a bit more tricky, especially when using the amp's distortion. As far as the distortion itself, it sounds great but definitely has a vintage voicing to it. If you want something super tight and high gain, you'd probably have to get a distortion pedal. It can, in my opinio , nail those tones you listed, but it might get kinda hairy on the cleans if you're keeping up with a drummer. It's not really a clean machine at high volumes. It sounds great and chunky with a les paul. Vs the deluxe reverb... It's kinda tough because they're pretty different amps. IIRC, the drri has no master volume so you have to crank it to get it to overdrive. The ad30 does and can do bedroom levels well. The drri also has reverb, which the Orange doesn't.
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The AD30 is not worth the money. It's incredibly lackluster. Also, isn't this your second thread like this but with a different amp??

Anyways, probably not a good call if you use a lot of time based effects. It's kind of weak. And again, there are loads of amps that are much better for the money.