I am building my home studio on Wednesday, and as I am fairly new to the world of recording it will be rather basic for the time being. I have been around recording studios before, but never to record doom, and so I am sure that there are a few different nuances.

I have a few questions in areas that I am as yet unfamiliar with, so:

-As I will be using Amp simulators, which would be the best for that Electric Wizard/Bongripper tone? I have heard good things about Amplitube.

-How are they typically mixed? I imagine for that heavy tone you would need at least 4 layers for each instrument, but where do the mics go? Edge and rear of the amp?

-How is it equalised?

Any more tips you could provide me with would be very much appreciated UG, thank you in advance
I am also aware that getting such a magnificent tone from amp sims is rather unattainable, but anything mildly similar will do I guess.
For most stoner kind of music (not entirely familiar with the bands you listed though) it's often fuzz rather than amp distortion. I also generally only do 2 takes, 1 left and 1 right.
Layering more than that gets muddy when you have the big low end that most stoner bands go for.

For mic's it's very often just a dynamic mic at the edge of the speaker cap. Usually all the mics (for distorted tones at least) are close to the speaker (within 3 inches). Very rarely is one behind the cab used. Experiment though; that is merely a place to start.

How it's equalised is not a question that can be answered. That all depends on the mix in question.

+1 on LePou though. Better at heavy tones than any commercial amp sims I've used.
RIP Gooze

In a lot of DI chains i include a Sans Amp (pretty sure the plugin is free) at the very start - i feel it gives the dry sound more weight, which can be gnarly when fed into a sim.