Do you put normal electric bass strings on a electro acoustic bass or are there specific strings. And also on a Takamine acoustic bass the posts are different looking how are the strings wound on as I don't like doing strings but I'm gonna start doing it myself.
Well, there's no absolute correct answer to that question as strings brand/types are a very personal decision, so you likely will get varied opinions on the subject.

My opinion is that acoustic/electric basses benefit most from using phosphor bronze strings. They provide a decent sound when amplified and I think they give you the greatest volume when playing acoustically, and low volume is the weak point of acoustic basses. I use D'addarios, inexpensive and nice sounding, IMHO:


As to the tuners, every Takamine I have seen uses Gotoh-style tuners. You cut the string to length, push it straight down through the central hole, bend the string 90 degrees at the bottom of the slot, and wind it on the post. Are you saying that your bass does NOT have Gotoh-style tuners?
You can use either Acoustic Bass Strings or Electric Bass Strings. Phosphor Bronze, which is the normal wrap wire used for acoustic bass strings, provides a bit more of a "woody" tone but any bass string will sound acceptable. It's really a personal choice - lots of choices and it's fun to experiment
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I have LaBella Tape Wounds on both my Takamine acoustics. They don't have the bright zing of bronze strings, and feel/sound really nice. Best price is at the Carvin site. They also last for years.
The tuners are no different than any other tuner, AFAIK (in function that is).
Try electric flatwounds. It makes a huge difference in sound and loudness.
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