Hey there guys,

This is my first time posting on the forum so I'm not sure what to expect real but I would like some advice on building/buying and customising my next guitar. I recently formed a Pop Punk/Pop Rock band. To give you an idea of what we play, its mainly blink 182, Bowling For Soup etc type music.

I want a new guitar (Who doesn't? ) but mainly for performing live. I want it to provide a nice clean tone but also when I whack my pedals on I want a powerful distortion that provides a good sound. If I could get all of this for under £1000 that would be cool but I could go over if it was more of a build project over a period of time.

I haven't really done much customising before so all help will be nice

P.S I know pick ups and amps are big influences on the sound so if there is any recommendations for them it would also be helpful.
Look at some Tele's/ASAT's, they should fit your style perfectly. Otherwise a nice strat would work. If you don't want the standard Telecaster or Stratocaster, look at a Jaguar. I own a Jag myself, and I love it.
i'd say definitely go with fender, like the guy above said, a tele or strat would be great but jaguars and jazzmasters just look so badass and sound awesome too. so you have some choices with your guitars. for pedals you should definitely get a tube screamer, reverb pedal, a tuner, and some kind of noise suppressor (VERY IMPORTANT FOR LIVE). what kind of amp do you already have?
Deryck Whibley (however it's spelled) Signature Tele. Number one they have a CBS frofile maple neck, I can't stand tele necks. It sounds awesome it has Duncan Design in the bridge and it's a hot one. The body barely has any routing so it's heavier than most teles and has sustain to last until next week. And you can get them cheap. I had one for about a day or two before I traded it to a friend. I only wanted it for the neck that's on my BlackenCaster.
If you want a build project, there are plenty out there but I would have to say that from exp, that the tuning is te the hardest part. Fretting, leveling,, getting the nut exact, things like that. Look at warmouth and carvin. Stew Mac also has a couple kits. There are plenty of them. The main thing is the work you do to get it finished.
Ha! I missed the part where you said under £1000, I only saw £100. BIG Difference! Well spend $150 or so on a Whibley and the Rest on Tuners, Bridge, Saddles, Nut, Setup, Pickups, Wiring and what have ya. And If you wanted more variety of pickups and electronics the Body is pretty much a blank canvas. There's plenty of wood under that pick guard to get good at routing.
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Tom used to use a Fender strat with a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge position and no other pickups. His current guitar is a Gibson ES-333 with a dirty fingers pickup. I would suggest possibly a Gibson Les Paul Junior with the invader in the bridge. The guitarist from Green Day uses a Les Paul Junior so it would fit with the pop-punk/punk look, so would a strat. A Tele would also be great with a humbucker in the bridge.
These are both well under £1000 (they're all under £250, in fact), and would probably suit you fine after a pickup swap:

ESP/LTD Viper 256P

ESP/LTD Phoenix 200

Schecter Tempest Standard

Take a look at the ESP/LTD and Schecter sales on that site. Most of the seriously great buys have gone, but they still have loads left.