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I have a Jackson rr24m; last weak I bought a Duncan Distortion and a few 500k pots. I followed the wiring diagram for 1 pickup 1 volume.Diagram Now here is my problem. I have everything where it needs to be, but my guitar hums like crazy, and it I touch the pot it hums more. If I take the wire mesh from the input jack and touch it to the pot, everyting goes quiet, the string won't play either. I took this mesh and soldered it to a wire that is attached to the trem arm, this greatly reduces the hum. But there is still a hum, if I touch the string the hum goes away completely, but if I touch the volume knob it still hums. Last if I touch the metal part of my cable near the input jack everything works fine, except for the volume pot. I tried replacing the pot with no resolution.
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I've run into similar problems when my ground solder job was bad. Also make sure you solder the green and wire mesh together before you attach them to the ground connection to make sure they are connected well. If you have it all wired correctly and still have the hum try resoldering everything again. I also had to remove all of the pots / pickup selector out of the guitar to get a good solder on them. You may always have a mild hum with passives that goes away when you touch the strings / bridge / knob (anything that is connected to ground) but at least on my JB/Jazz set it is very, very small that I can barely notice.
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I put Seymour alnico II humbucker's(non coil splitting) in my Gibson LP Trad(previously coil splitting) a few months ago and ran into the problem of completely having to rewire it but I did call Seymour Duncan and the tech was explaining how the wire mesh had to be soldered to the side of the pot for grounding I think?

I couldn't get the damn mesh to hold to the side even with flux on it but I stuck some rubber gaskets against the edge of the chamber so that they would push and hold the wire mesh to the pot and no problems.

I don't know if this pertains to you exactly but if you think it might help I can open it up and snap a picture for you.
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