Hello again, everyone,

I am nearing the completion of my second tab and am curious as to if I should add in the vocal melodies as well as the lyrics. Any suggestions/thoughts on this? I want to make it as close to the real song as possible and I think it'd make the tab more presentable/authentic. What do you guys/gals think? Looking forward to some answers!

If you want to. Some people do and don't. If you want, then go for it.

Just as long as you keep in mind that a tab's purpose is for easier learning more than it is for duplicating a song.
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Thanks again, Joshua!

I feel like I want to do this for my own personal use rather than for anyone else. Adding the vocals/lyrics in, that is...

I want this to benefit myself more so, but the options of learning the other parts will also be there for anyone to tackle!



I was just trying to add vocals into my tab and noticed that the options given for sounds are very limited and don't do the song justice. In my opinion it makes the song sound fairly bad so I may just stick with what I have got and upload it the way it is. As far as the lyrics too, I may just keep a file for myself with the lyrics added to the tab.

I may just stick with your advice and keep in mind that the tab's purpose is for easier learning than it is for a duplicate song!


Yeah I totally agree, vocals in GP typically sound bad and often times makes a tab "worse" in a way. I usually don't do them because of that. You can do them and mute the track - tabbing the vocals can still be useful for educational purposes as the melodies can be interesting and have quite different lines compared to regular instruments. String instruments like cello and viola supposedly sound close to the human voice in reality and while brass/woodwind can also sound alright - no matter what effects you try to apply in GP it doesn't really come close and ends up sounding silly in most musical styles.
Good luck with the tabbing
I agree fully with you. I may try adding a cello in the next tab and see what I can do with it.