okay so i ordered a power supply from ebay.. not it wasnt a boss power supply but was a 9v adapter that was advertise to work with boss pedals.. i plugged it in and it seem to work.. the only problem was i got a bad noise like there was a grounding problem... i then unplugged it and put a battery back in the pedal.. to find out my pedal no longer works.. the LED works fine.. but theres no sound other then that hissing that wasnt there until i pluged in the adapter.. im goin to say its fried.. if anyone else has an idea of what maybe wrong please let me know.. how much would it cost to get this fixed?? or would it be cheaper to just by a new one?
This is pretty much what happened to my Boss CS-3. I managed to fix it by replacing a few parts, after a bit of diagnostic work.

How confident are you with a multimeter and soldering? Try testing D1 and make sure that your voltages match up with a schematic (http://cdn.tonegeek.com/wp-content/uploads/Boss-DS-1-schematic.png).

Edit: Someone with a better idea will come along, but this at least gives you something to get started on.
well soldering i could prob. do.. i done enough guitars.. maybe its time too set it up a bit and figure out how these pedals work as well.. the problem is the multi-meter i do have one.. not not sure how to use it exactly
I don't remember if the DS-1 has a zener diode in the power section and/or a regular diode across the power rails or in series with the positive rail (for polarity protection) but if so, those would be the first thing to check. Zeners always seem to short out when they fail, which will short across the power rails. That happened to my DM-2 when I put too much voltage into the adapter jack. I just replaced the zener regulator diode and was back in business. Regular diodes will open or short depending on what causes them to fail.

Make sure the adapter you used is of the correct polarity (negative-center) and is regulated. Unregulated adapters compensate for their lack of regulation by giving a much higher no-load voltage; plugging in a load (a pedal) pulls the voltage down to "acceptable" limits. I've seen adapters labelled 9v that put out 15v with no load.
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