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I recently have attempted to get into the art of recording. My setup involves my Behringer X2442 USB mixing board and my Line 6 Spider IV 75. The simple setup I have is a direct input from my amp to my mixing board. I have been suffering from hearing a lot of fuzz before and after recording anything and am wondering if there is a way to get rid of that or if it is just the way my setup is? Please help me out and let me know what the better option(s) might be to record a clean track every time.

P.S., I am using X2 Producer for my recordings...


I don't really know much about the amp (for the record, I despise the Spider series, but they have their place as bedroom amps) but is it possible that the output you are using from the amp is one from the preamp and is designed to have cabinet simulation placed after it?

What I mean is, we need to know what output from the amp you are using to go DI into your interface.

If it's the FX Send (FX Loop output)/Preamp Out/potentially other outputs then you are missing the effects of the speaker cab. If, on the other hand, you are using the speaker output, you could potentially fry your interface and kill the output transformer in the power amp section of your amp.
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Ignore the amp. Plug your guitar into the interface and use digital amp sims to find great tone. It is possible to get good musical things going direct out of a Spider amp but your line out needs to be a stereo TRS to a "Y" signal splitter and your gain structure needs to be right.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
Hey guys,

So the input I am using is a direct out for a TRS 1/4" "only"! I have also thought about using some digital amps/settings but I am unsure as to if I can use any with Sonar X2 Producer... I guess I will have to do some research on that...

Is there any programs you'd recommend for recording through my mixer?


I'll have to look it up later to be sure, but if it's a 'Direct Out' it probably has no cabinet simulation on it, therefore you are missing that stage in the 'sound of an amp'. You can experiment if you want, by downloading a program often called a 'cab loader', such as the free LeCab by LePou (Google it) and then downloading some free impulse responses to use (Google 'catharsis s pres high' or 'free cab impulse responses' or something).

If you are unsure how to install LeCab, find some instructions online for installing plug-ins in your DAW/on your machine, and then you open the plugin in the channel strip for the channel you're recording guitar into, and insert the plugin. Then you load the relevant impulse response in that plugin, and you're good to go.

It's worth a shot, if your problem with the tone is a high-end fizzyness and general 'fake' or unreal sound.
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Yes you can use amp sims with X2. Plenty of free stuff, I think even X2 might have some built in guitar amp emulations now. Read the manual.

Look for Poulin amps with the LeCab plugin afterwards and you have a rig for $0 cost.
There are soem other ones as well, I have a list on our FB group, PM me if you need some help with that.

X2 is very powerful and should do everything fine, I guess let us know if you have specific issues with it.

There are more simple ways to just get started, like Mixcraft, Tracktion, Sony Acid ACID Music Studio version, Magix Music Maker and others.

Cakewalk has a good manual though and I found it the closest to the real audio world (closest to mixer) when starting but that was a while back. They have a book by Craig Anderton that is pretty helpful as well.

As far as noise, etc. from your amp - if you like the sounds that you're getting in the room, might as well just go for miked amp sound. Get a cheap dynamic mic and record that way. Here's a list of under $50 (ignore boundary mics), Audio Technica, Shure and Peavey should all take care of it. Might need a mic stand as well or just put it on a pillow in front of the amp's speaker. Practice makes perfect when it comes to that, and no matter what anyone tells you there's still no substitute for recording amp pushing air in a room.
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And yeah, as the others have said - unless you're really dead-set on using the Spider, you'll probably get far better sounds out of freeware amp sims with a good rep (like the amp sims LePou makes, for example) but for the sake of helping you sort out the problem with what you're currently doing I thought I'd try and solve the issue of the fizzy amp output
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Thanks a lot guys!

I will let either of you know if I am having some issues and will PM message if I come across something I don't understand!