Hey guys I've been looking into getting new tube amp for around $1000-1500.
Here are things to know

Preferably head but combo is fine
I play a Gibson Les Paul
Takes pedals well
Preferably fx loop(not mandatory)
Loud enough to gig small venues
Quiet enough for my basement
Good for 60s 70s classic rock(Led Zep, Cream, The Stoned)
Good for 90s rock(Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer)
In the Philadelphia area for craigslist
Any other questions, ask below
Marshall JCM2000 DSL or Vintage Modern
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there is a mesa boogie road king 2x12 w footswitch for 1200 at GC. This is only if you want versatility though. If that is all you want to play there will be something that will do those better but if you would like an amp that will do those tones and much much more then you should look into it. I have the roadster and have no problems getting those type of tones. Just an alternative view to check into.

Otherwise, if you are not gigging without a PA or living outside of the USA check out CEC amplification.
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http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/4348208968.html and a good 2x12 cab

If you're patient, something from Splawn and a decent 2x12 could be found in budget
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Marshall JCM2000 DSL or Vintage Modern


I suggest the DSL over the VM for you though.

You can also look at an old JMP or JCM 2203 or 2204.

But just get the DSL if you want seperate clean and gain channels.

On that note, also look at the Egnater Tweaker 40. It's not an expensive amp, but I've grown quite fond of it. It's great.

Not really a fan of the Tweaker 88 though.
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Hint: There are no perfect amps that do everything well and you need about 20 tube watts to run with a loud drummer at a gig without sound reinforcement.

$1500 sounds more like 2 amps. One small grab-n-go tube amp that has great tone and a larger amp for more heavy duty stuff. Fender Blues Jr for Yank tones and a Vox AC30/18w Marshall/20w Orange for Brit tones might fill your needs nicely and cover a lot of rock spectrum in the process.
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I feel a used Splawn Quick Rod and a good boost would fit your bill, and use up about $1300 of your budget.
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+1 on the used spawn.

If not than I'd probs go for a marshall dsl for the bands you listed.

Also don't discount something like an egnater renegade.
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mesa is a solid play to start looking especially in the used space.
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Some of the Egnater offerings like the Renegade or Tweaker 40 could really be up your ally. You should check them out.
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You seriously have enough cash to just go to the local shop and treat it like a toy store.
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