I recently bought an epiphone g310 new. Im setting up the warranty tonight but when i go to the epiphone website, they dont have my limited edition vintage white g310. Its the same as the other sgs, but costs more in guitar center and is not just considered as a finish variation. The G310 comes in ebony and in red. So i was wondering if i should should register the black sg for warranty since theres no white one. Thank you.
The finish should not be an issue as far as warranty coverage is concerned. They should, in fact, be looking just at the Model designation and the serial number. If you are still worried, send an e-mail to their customer support:

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Yea my dilemma was that its listed like another guitar cause its limited edition. I sent them an email though. Much thanks, i was worried that they'll disregard my warranty for activating it late, but its on their part for not having the white finish on the site. Gotta love UG
Glad we could help you out. Enjoy your guitar!!!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley