Hey guys,
I play guitar at church. I've been using a pod that belongs to the church, or last time I used my micro cube. My at home amp is a vox ac30cc2, and I would like to use it for services as well. The problem is, they don't want any stage noise, and there's no amp closet.

So, I was thinking about getting some sort of speaker simulator that I can plug in in place of the speakers on the amp, that way I get to use my stuff that I like, and don't have any stage noise. Soooo....

What sims would be recommended and what should I avoid(keeping a $250 +/- price point in mind) I read somewhere that it would need to put a resistance load on the amp so as not to blow it up...

(My other option would be to save up and get a Hughes and kettner tubemeister, but I'd rather not...)
Two notes' stuff does that good, but it's expensive.
I think palmer's staff do that worse but for cheaper.
Maybe h and k red boxer do that, not sure sure.
Then there's this big two or three unit rack processor with a graphic eq on the front panel which I remember being very nice, but expensive.
Edit: I found it, that's the rivera rockcrusher.

My advice is to stick to the pod untill you'll have the money to buy the expensive and good sounding stuff.
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