Hi, all,

As the title suggests, I'm in the market for a new (and first) Multi-FX Unit. I primarily need it for a live recital that I shall have to do as part of a course requirement, but it's also time for me to start exploring sonically, as I'm a little tired of only getting amp tones (It's a small practice Hayden High Five - good, loud amp).

I need suggestions to work on as I have absolutely no idea of where to start. I've done a little window shopping, but that's only served me by making me even more confused.

Ergo, I'm detailing my requirements below, and here's hoping you'll all be able to help out picking out my first multi-fx:

Used/New: Doesn't matter, but my budget will most probably only allow for used

Portability: Not a deal-breaker, but yes, portable will be good.

Budget: Up to a 150 quid

Location: Brighton&Hove, UK

Specific effects: Any and every kind of effect, I'm going to explore what to use while composing a piece for my recital, but it should preferably have:

1) Pitch-shifter, like a Whammy
2) POG-like effect (I understand it may not be possible, but there's no harm in asking, is there?)
3) Looper and drum patterns
4) Amp simulators (although in my budget, I know I shouldn't expect the best-quality simulator)

If it helps, the genres I usually delve into are a lot of punk (classic), post-punk, blues (Delta), Rockabilly and Psychobilly, some indie, and I've recently started listening to a lot of Warren Ellis through his work with The Dirty Three, The Bad Seeds and Grinderman and desert-rock.

Apologies in advance if I've not been clear or haven't provided enough to go along with,

Quote by LivinJoke84
Zoom G3/G5?

Best answer IMO - and probably the only one which includes looper & drum machine.

The G5 has every required, with the 3 you'll need the G3X in order to get the expression pedal.
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