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Thread title is self explanatory.

For me I got in a ton of trouble once because we abused the IT system to print out loads of this kids' school pictures in every room with a printer across and got called up to the head of lower schools office and got a telling off for bullying and also wasting paper and toner, but nothing actually came of it.

How about you?
Never really got in trouble because we were just all about the bantz at school

you should have punched that kid that pushed you over the line in football that shit was fund
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Never really got in trouble because we were just all about the bantz at school

you should have punched that kid that pushed you over the line in football that shit was fund

I would've but his dad was a well known West Ham football hooligan who had been to prison so I would've got murdered. Also we were like 7 years old.

I never really got into trouble ;_;

I did a lot of shit. Just never got punished for it
ayy lmao
I got suspended for a couple of days for fighting.
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I got 3 days detention for calling the girl taking the piss out of a mate an "emo bitch"

Nothing too bad
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that's why

I know why I just dont care
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
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Got in trouble for stealing some kids gameboy. Funnily enough they said I stole something from the lockeroom but were talking about an ipod and had no idea about the gb.

Out of all the stupid things too like pissing in the hallway, punching out window screens during winter, and getting some random kids password for the computers and printing out 100 pages of tubgirl in the library. My spanish teacher even once decided to not give a crap about me skipping a week of that class.
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Only thing I ever got shit on for was skipping class, but that was no big deal.

Here are some stories of other people:

One time my buddies were making gun gestures at me from across the cafeteria (which was big enough for 500+ students) cause I was flipping them off, and they got buuusted. Their parents got called in and everything. Never forget columbine rip

For our guitar recital, the teacher made my friend change the name of his song to "love" instead of "seduction" and the day of the performance he said "this song is not called love that's a typo, it's called SEDUCTION" and played it. He got chewed out for like 20 minutes in the teacher's office lol I still laugh about that.

My friend that I lost touch with got expelled for pouring oil on the stairs or something.
Me and 2 friends were sent to disciplinary comitee because they thought we were rapists.

We were at 10th grade and our dining hall was seperate from elementary school. Yet it was really close to elementary school building and nearest toilet was in there. After we left the hall we went there to take a piss. There was a little kid from 1st grade or something washing his hands. One of my friends asked his name and gently patted to his back. He answered and later run away

2 days later they took us to commitee and asked us stupid questions like "did you help him wearing his pants, where did you enter to wc from(wtf)" turns out that kid run away to his class and cried all day. They called his parents and shit. Later my family and my friends family came to school and threated the school for accusing us for harassing or raping a child with nothing more than bullshit.

Nothing happened to us but they made strict rules for preventing high school student enter elemantery toilets. To this day there is signs at wc doors of the school..
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I got suspended 4 times for having long hair #badman (really)

And also one time I broke some guy's nose but they just put me in anger counselling.

What did he do to get a broken nose?
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What did he do to get a broken nose?

got punched in the face
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Suspened 3 times. for thumping some cheeky little shit.Dropped a cigarette in to some girl's handbag.Used to get in bother alot then i grew up and stopped being a little twat.Actually enjoyed it alot more.
Err I got detention a bunch of times because my shorts were too short. Stupid fingertip rule I have long arms stupid teachers who measure distance from the knees with a ruler I have long legs :mad

But I never actually did anything bad
I used to get bullied at school and one day I flipped out at this kid when we were playing hockey. I got suspended. And I called a member of staff incompetent because she basically ignored the fact I was getting picked on (after I told her several times) and they didn't appreciate that much.
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The only times I got caught were once in kindergarten when I decided to go to the high school next door, and the other time when I tried breaking into a class room in first grade. I also challenged the schoolyard bully to a fight but the yard monitors broke it up before it started. I don't think I got in more trouble than being talked to.
The most I ever had to do was stand against the wall for the whole lunch period, because I took one of those free lunch mashed potatoes and gravy (the ones sealed in plastic like a tv dinner) and punched it open. It exploded all over my friends and scalded my knuckle pretty bad, I still have a scar from it. Was hilarious at the time. Good 'ol Junior High
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The worst thing I can remember was a two day in school suspension for fighting in a high school hockey game. I also was suspended for the final two games and missed the league finals because of it. So you can make fun of my taste in music
Youtube So you can make fun of my videos
Oh this should be fun.

Mine was probably in 5th grade when me and some mates put a song together saying our history teacher was a rapist and a terrorist and he found out. We were all in the brink of being suspended for a few days, but the verdict was itself suspended for a couple of months. If we screwed up again during those two months, no matter how insignificant it was, we would be suspended for like a week.

I was also almost always in trouble during elementary school for not doing homework. Like everyday. Until I couldn't hide it no more and my teacher told my mom. And that was the end of that.

Also, in 10th grade I got in big trouble because I was the coordinator for the team responsible for the radio in my school and we pretty much fucked everything up. From playing music out loud every single day (mostly Metallica, Megadeth and other rock and metal bands, which weren't much apreciated by most students and school staff), doing holes on the radio's room ceiling, breaking CD/DVD players, the mixing table, tables, chairs, speakers, we made a huge hole on the sofa, we broke the door this one time we left the room and forgot the key inside, broke the glasses of the furniture, and a lot more (including going there just to make out with girls). The teacher responsible for the radio still said at the end of the year that despite turning everything to shit, we were still a hardworking team that kept the radio working for the entire year, unlike what had happened in previous years. And he let me and my mates get back there in 12th grade. What a fantastic guy he is.

Also, endless fighting scenes, making fun of hopeless teachers on a daily basis, pranks, stealing a few items from the school's labs, identificatory plates and a few balls from the gym (not my personal doing, but since me and my mates were always together, when someone got bust, we would all pay for it). Though we were caught like 5% of the time, the other 95% we managed to escape without anyone knowing.

We were in trouble most of the time now that I think of it. So many shit went on, I can't even begin to tell it all. This is just what first came to mind.
for actually being caught, In year five there was one book that was graded on the honour system. 5 minutes at the start of each class we'd do a few problems and then grade it and tell the teacher our score

I didn't do a single thing in it the entire year and towards the end my teacher found out and made me do the entire book again or he'd fail me ;_;

I'm sure i've done worse that's just the first thing that popped in me head

EDIT: wirelessly printing porn on the offices printer was a good one too
But we didn't get caught for that
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Never got in serious trouble but got in trouble a couple of times for things i didn't do...

Along with a few other people i got accused by the crazy art teacher of stealing his calculator and was made to sit in the classroom a few lunchtimes till someone confessed. He found it in his drawer... Same teacher cried in class when people took his pencils and also accused me of painting people's seats.

Another time my friend got suspended for putting a hot knife (heated in a bunsen burner by someone else, he was unaware how hot it was) on another kid in our class and giving him 2nd degree burns. For some reason i got in trouble just for being there when it happened and placed in the school system as a bully lol.
^ The randominity of punishments is something that always bothers me in fellow teachers

if you don't know wether someone was involved or not, don't punish them
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I poured water out of 3rd story window on the street, but unfortunately the janitor was driving her car under the window with the car window opened. The water hit exactly her opened window and she ended up quite wet, plus the shock.. She saw which window was opened and came to our classroom like 10 minutes after it with the headmaster and asked who it was. I immediately confessed.
Epilogue: The headmaster told me not to do it again because "what if some very old grandma would be walking under the window, she could get a heartattack".. and that was it
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During a basketball game, me and about 4 other people went to a guy's car so we could have a cigarette break. He was blaring music in front of the gym and happened to be passing someone an aspirin. A police officer who watches stuff during games shined a flashlight into the car and had us all get out. We had individual soberirty tests and questioning. Turns out they found a roach we didn't know about under his driver seat. He tried to blame it on other people. I had an altoids tin with midol and the administration just told me I could get in trouble for it, and flushed it after they tested it. Lucky for me, the officer didn't do a thorough enough pat down and missed the pack of cigarettes and metal pipe in my pocket. Just a few hours before the game me and another person had been taking prescription diet pills for their up and they'd worn off. Weird event.
I was suspended from school for producing an "obscene" magazine.

It was an alternative to the school-sponsored conformist magazine. They allowed it for one issue but banned it after the second, a Valentine's Day special with uncensored poems contributed by pupils.
corr that story makes you sound a right bellend

wouldn't tell that one in real life
We have a bathroom log at my high school, because some idiot destroyed one of the mirrors in the guys' bathroom. The first week they instituted the log, I wrote down Harry Balls as my name. I got in-school suspension next week - the last week of school that year.
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Err I got detention a bunch of times because my shorts were too short. Stupid fingertip rule I have long arms stupid teachers who measure distance from the knees with a ruler I have long legs :mad

But I never actually did anything bad

lmao teachers actually did this?

you couldn't walk down the hallway of my school during the summer without seeing the bottom of buttcheeks hanging out everywhere

Quote by MinterMan22
lmao teachers actually did this?

you couldn't walk down the hallway of my school during the summer without seeing the bottom of buttcheeks hanging out everywhere

the principal was ridiculous, she'd walk around tables at lunch and make people stand up if they were wearing something suspiciously short and measure 1) how far past their shorts/skirt the fingertips extended 2) hem to knee length 3) length of shorts from hip write it down in a notebook and then give out a detention slip. If she had measured 4) fingertip to knee length and 5) hip to knee length I wouldn't have gotten in trouble nearly as much. most teachers were ok with it though

I am still very very angry about this because I didn't even roll my shorts up like other people and my butt wasnt outside :c

learned to hide it pretty quick though, I have a high-low cardi which i just wore all the time when i wasnt in class so you can't see my shorts unless you're right in front of me :snazz:
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Getting in trouble is cool!

my housemate asked to be put on report because it was the cool thing

so yeah it is!
So first post ever in the pit. What a wonderful world....

So in 3rd grade i got in trouble for some really stupid stuff. This one kid named John (who may or may not have had problems, idk he just seemed rlly goofy and I don't rememebr much else about him) sat next to me at lunch and I decided to talk to him. I asked him what he was eating and he sat it was a chicken patty. I thought those were pretty gross so I made like an exclamation one would make before saying EW GROSS. THe kid went to the aide and told her I'd spit directly in his food. I forget what my punishment was.

Same year a kid I was friends with was in a 'club' where they openly hated the previously mentioned kid. It amounted to just chasing him and stuff I guess and it went on for a while. I never participated in any of this in any way whatsoever and even told the aides what was going on. Instead since I was friends with this guy who was in the club, I was 'guilty by association' though I didn't know of the term at the time. Me and three other kids were sentenced to in school suspension at third grade!! I think there were five other kids who actually participated in bullying this kid who got off scott free though and I remember being furious about it. My parents thought of me as a bully that year and grounded me for the rest of the school year which was like 6 or 7 months. The in-school suspension was pretty ****ed up, the lady in charge had 3 fourth graders (who were big guys at the time, and still are) mock bully us by standing in a cirlce and calling us awful names.

TL;DR: I hated elementary school.
Not a whole lot got a detention for getting into a food fight when I was in year one. Also was threatened with a suspension for putting some disrespectful little shit in his place in year 9 but got it knocked down to a single lunch time detention. Funny fact me and the kid I smacked around are now really good friends.
Get put in emergency support for a week for triple german suplexing my ex's 11 year old brother.
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