Hello guys!

I'm new here, but I have decided to join in order to talk about music, playing, and everything that is associated with the thing. I would like to post some of my recent covers here so that you could see to them and elaborate on them. I appreciate all the comments left

Neil Zaza: I'm Alright


Steve Vai: The Crying Machine


Joe Satriani: The Extremist


If you are interested in some older videos feel free to go to my channel and you can find them all there.

I am recording sound and video separately. Sometimes Youtube tends to 'desynchronise' my videos, but I am waiting for some live performances so that I could post them on the channel too.

There are no English descriptions below the videos yet, but I am working on it. Also please note that in some of the songs covered, I have changed some of the parts.

If you really like what I am doing, feel free to comment, subscribe, like, and share the videos.

Kind Regards!
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damn i didn't know you play this good! very good job on all three, I especially enjoyed "The Extremist" (since I've heard it before lol). I really liked your guitar tone for "The Crying Machine" but when you hit the high notes, it sometimes sound too digital. Subbed your channel man
Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate your opinion. Unfortunately, as regards the tone of "The Crying Machine" I couldn't somehow get over it, but I hope it does not 'disturb' you too much. Thank you for the sub! I have also subbed your channel.

It's nice to hear that you like my performances )
Cool stuff! You certainly play very cleanly so keep it up as you have alot of potential. I did a cover of the extremist once, deleted it because I thought it sucked! But yeah keep it up, great playing.
Woah, flawless playing you got there! Nothing bad to say, I'll check out some more of your covers on YouTube and sub to your channel!
Your playing on the first song was very impressive, very good technique! I really love Steve Vai too, so it was awesome to see your great rendition of Crying Machine! It's really fun to listen to playing that's so clean as yours. I really dig the emotion you bring into your preformances!

Overall, you're a very gifted player, and your technique is light years ahead of mine, so I've got nothing constructive to add, I'm sorry, hehe Looking forward to more videoes from you!!
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Thank You!

Receiving such great comments from such awesome players is probably the greatest honour I can get.

I really appreciate all the comments and I will keep on uploading some stuff. I will keep on checking your's as well