I really don't know if I should go right or left handed... My right hand is the powerful one (i play tennis with my right hand for instance), but my left hand is the precision one (i write left handed. I can also move my left hands' fingers faster then my right hand.

At the moment I have a right handed guitar I can use from a friend, but I a friend told me a couple years back I should go left handed because apparently I picked his guitar up upside down and started pretending to play like that.

Hope you guys can give me some insight (research only made me doubt even more).
Btw, the trick on picking up a tennis racket and seeing which way I pick it up doesn't work for me anymore, I'm always thinking about it!

Learn right-handed.
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Definitely learn right handed. I'm a lefty playing right handed myself. I think it's the best decision I could've made (even though I technically did it on accident. ).
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if your not sure to play left or right play right. Your choice of left handed guitars will suck compared to what yo can get right handed
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Your gonna have to just keep trying left and right handed guitars out for a while until you find out what feels more natural to you mate, or better at...Totally agree with everyone else saying right handed but experiment for a while if you really dont know, cause your have many years that way and won't want to keep changing around. It will start messing with your head fella!!!
The answers are pretty clear here
I was in the exact same position when I started playing.

If playing right-handed does not feel wrong to you you should go with it. If you never touched a guitar the way you learn is the way you feel more comfortable with.

Arguments for right handed playing:
The guitars are easier to get, cheaper, tutorials might be a tad easier to follow and you can use almost any guitar you can get your hands on.

Arguments against:
You can't successfully impersonate Jimi Hendrix.
Friends can use your precious guitar
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