The amp I have has an MSDI/XLR output and I want to be able to record with it. Looking around on other forums hasn't really helped me find a good answer.

What exactly do I need to buy so I can record the signal from that output while still hearing the output from the amp's built in speaker? Is is as simple as buying an XLR to USB cable or do I need some kind of interface to plug it into before the signal goes to my laptop?

You need a recording interface such as a Presonus Audiobox USB. However, once you buy that, I think you'll find that a mic sounds 1000X better. I tried the MSDI briefly with mine and it sounded like utter dog sh!t.
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You need to go to the Recordings Forum and read the Interfaces sticky.
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Quote by GaryBillington
You need to go to the Recordings Forum and read the Interfaces sticky.

Oh ok, I will do. Thanks.
Also to use the Line in to record I'd recommend using a Cab impulse and a Cab Loader in order to use the impulse.

Sounds 100X better.
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