can anyone suggest the brand or model of this guitar? It looks a bit like the gibson kalamazoo but... nicer.

If not, can anyone suggest the brand or model of similar guitars?

attached is a link for the image, i think.

me wanty.
It looks like a Gibson L-48 acoustic, but to which a P-90 pickup was installed.

I don't think it's a Gibson, though; the headstock is different.
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Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin. Full hollowbody, build and sound are very different from the Midtown Kalamazoo so not a lot of point in comparing the two. Fantastic guitars though, lots of acoustic volume for the small-ish body and a great midrange. A bit thin in the low end but for a $1K full-hollow they're really, really good.

There are a few other models of the 5th avenue series: