Dude, you know how to shred! How did you manage to play it that clean? How long have you been exercising this one? I'm under a huge impression of that!

Personally, I wasn't familiar with the song, but it is terribly difficult to perform it that well.
I do not know what to say...you are a beast.

I am doing some covers myself but I do not think I am that good. Should you be interested in my performances, go down in this section of the forum to the post "some of the B3's covers" etc. I would definitely love to hear your opinion!
Thankyou! I recall playing this fairly easy. About 15 minutes to learn the actual song and about 2 takes to record. It was more fun than a challenge! The solos were just some improvised stuff I threw in for fun.

It was all Pentatonic and minor so it was easy to know where to play to hear what I wanted to hear.
Wow! 15 minutes? That's fast. It only proves the validity of my claim that you are a skilled player. As I've said - I salute you Waiting for more