Ok so I just started playing in a new group and I need a pedal that does octaves beneath the original note, but something that can do that AND MORE would be good too. I would think that a harmonizer would have to go at the beginning of my chain to read my guitar signal quickly, and since I don't like having any buffers before my fuzz something true bypass would be preferable.
I'm no stranger to pedals I just want to know what's working well for other people, so if you have any suggestions let me know.
EHX Micro Pog does an octave down, up, or both. It's polyphonic and in my experience tracks really well, so that might suit you. On the sillier side of things there's the Digitech Whammy which has terrible harmony settings and whale noises on top, but AFAIK can only do one octave at a time.
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+1 on the Morpheus
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The Morpheus isn't that great of an octaver when compared to a micro pog or organizer but a damn fine pedal nonetheless. Go watch some demo's man.
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Mooer pure octave.

Plus the polyphonic trucking sucks, so if you put it say one octave down + two octaves down + one octave up + two octaves up and maybe even added a pinch of od, leslie simulator and reverb you get the god's organ's sound
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Danelectro Chili Dog is an extremely cheap option, does octave down and 2 octave down.

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