Just recently bought a UR22 Audio interface. i have a lot of questions would really appreciate if someone could help.

So question one, Sample rate and buffer size, what's the best thing to set them at? i don't like experimenting very often, and i'm not super techpro

My guitar is going into my amp, and my amp's emulated output to input 2 on my AI , and AI into computer

Question 2, i bought reaper and recording went fine , but i can never play back what i recorded on reaper, unless i connect a speaker to the output L/R on my audio interface, ( i don't have a speaker ) i want what i recorded to play via my pc when i hit play, when i check the preferences on reaper, it only gives me an option of L/R outputs of my interface, and not my computer's sound card. and what's input mono or input sterio on reaper?

Question 3, i'm trying amplitube's free version and again i see the output levels rising, but it is probably going into the AI's output which has nothing plugged into it, so i tried linking my other amp with the output of the interface, and i hear the guitar bright and clear, but none of the effects / presets i chose on amplitube, it's like plugging guitar > Interface > computer without amplitube.

Last question : I see a Mix knob, that you can set between input and DAW , i don't what this does, where do i want it?

I know these are alot of questions, but i hope someone can help me with them as i'm trying to upgrade from recording of my iphone. Thanks!!!
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1. 44.1k or 48k at 24bits is fine for 99% of what most people will ever do.

2. You can't do this with the interface's normal ASIO drivers. You might be able to do it if you download ASIO4ALL, but it's usually not very stable. Interfaces aren't designed like this because you should be using their higher quality D/A converters, and they assume you have monitors or headphones to utilize them.

3. You need to click the little speaker icon on the track to monitor the sound with the VST effects included.

4. In what? Amplitube? You want this set at 100% unless you want part of the dry guitar sound to come through.
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Thanks for the quick reply , how do i change the bits? i see 48khz, and least buffer is 64 samples, i don't see anywhere to change " bits " sorry like i said i suck with computers.

And regarding the " you won't be able to hear the recording on reaper from the reaper program " doesn't make sense.. i put 3 tracks together, along with a backing track, i want to hear it before i save it . and i can't?

And i can't see any " speaker icon on the track " amplitube ( using amplitube 3 on pc )

and the mix knob is on my audio interface itself, to the left is input to the right it's daw, no idea what that is
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