I own a 2011 Epi Nighthawk Custom Reissue and it has an HSH set up. However the neck pup is a Mini Humbucker and the tone is just too dark for my taste. Is there anything i can replace a mini with that wont require any routing on my guitar? Thanks.
Does the coil tap not lighten up the neck pickup?
Anyway, it looks like you could get a P90 in there. Not the dog-ear type, of course, and you'd have to measure to be sure. If it really came to it you could probably fit a standard single like this guy did with the bridge but it'll be just as ugly.
Edit: Reading the text I see he also got a mini-HB-sized single coil custom made for him.
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Okay i can look into that. The coil tap helps but it's not a big enough difference for what i like. I haven't done much research on P90s but of what I've seen i thought they might be too large. Any suggestion what P90 model? I like a bluesy sound. Something bright.