Hi, I'm looking a good High gain amp to play with my band. We play things as: Alternative Metal and Rock, Post-Grunge, Hard Rock and Nu Metal.

I want a amp with a sound articulate and definite, with body and low end.

Somebody can help me with this? Please.
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Always with the RM
Well, it ticks all the boxes. Especially when somebody wants a huge bottom end.
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Oh, wow. I recommend the 5150 III 100 watt if you want some proper mids with great low end but if you just want some devastating bottom end, this Randall sounds killer.

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Especially when somebody wants a huge bottom end.

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Well people, I was looking in guitar center used gear and ebay... and definitly, I want buy the EVH 5150 III of 100 watts. But, I not know, which of this options choose, because this would be the first time that I do this. You can help me?