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Yeah, it's a hobby of mine!
3 3%
Yeah, but just for cons and stuff.
10 10%
No, not into it.
73 74%
What the f*** is a cosplay?
12 12%
Voters: 98.
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yeah this is me at comicon 2013

dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

I like it for Halloween but I appreciate the hard work the people put into making their costumes. I personally love this Connor and Aveline cosplay pic.

Not my thing, plus I don't believe I have the talent for making costumes and props. I'll just wait til Halloween.
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where is the 'lel ts iz a fagget' option?

It really is posts such as these that keep me coming back to this god forsaken website. Thank you.
I've got some pretty awesome pics from the con just out of town where I'm from. Must admit I'd love to put some time into doing a decent costume.
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I've never done that personally. not my cup of tea
however that connor costume would make a bitchin Halloween costume
other than that I'd never consider it.
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i know one guy who does this stuff and he's a total "i wanna shit on your dinner plate" tier cuntface

I'm not all that into it. I've never done it, but I can't say I wouldn't.

I can understand doing it at conventions and stuff, but doing it all the time is harder for me to get.

But I mean I guess I'm basically a cosplay Ron Swanson 24/7 so
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Not into it, but my ex was. Went to one of those events, had a pretty good time. Costumes were interesting, women were barely clothed. 'Twas really quite fun to see, and to top it off for some reason there was a guy selling records, so my day was alright.

Never again though

because **** her, man.

she looked gorgeous in that dress
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i like Jessica Nigri, if thats what you're asking

+1 shes hot
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I know a few people who cosplay, it can be pretty neat seeing them if their costumes are actually good. No interest in it besides that
Nah, I'm not really into dressing up and stuff, not even for halloween.

Although I must say that I find some of the costumes (or in lingual ping pong, "cosplays") pretty impressive.
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I've never done it, but would like to at some point. it seems fun. though idk if I have the talent to make any great costume like some I've seen
I do it on occasion, pretty much only for cons though. I'll usually make one or two costumes a year, depending on the difficulty.
I enjoy doing it for expos if I can manage, usually hard to find something that's easy to make/cheap to buy. Spending months on a costume that I'll only wear once is a bit too much for me.
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I dressed up as Superman for my 6th birthday if that counts! And then Batman for my 7th, then I turned 8 and told my parents I'm too old for superhero costumes and instead wanted condoms and liquor.

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i like Jessica Nigri, if thats what you're asking

This is the extent of my "Cosplaying".
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I love seeing carefully crafted costumes, but more often than not a Deadpool cosplay is a loose red morph suit with black felt on the eyes rather than the heavy material the better ones have.

But I wouldn't do it myself because I'm perfect and a super hero as it is, so more improvement isn't necessary.
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Don't think I could ever see myself dressing up for a convention. Hell, I couldn't imagine myself ever going to a convention. But to each their own, some people just seem a lot weirder about it than others.
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I don't take part in it, but I enjoy seeing the work of others. Some people are extremely creative, and do a great job.
I went to our last convention like this cause Raymond e Feist was there , and god bless young girls everywhere !

After seeing young emos in skanky outfits walking around with free hugs signs , I kept wondering where I could ditch the missus so I could have a hug sandwich , but alas , my brain was too slow ( note to self , go to next one less hungover )
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