Hi guys, been probably forever since I have posted on this site, but I am desperate to give my old tube amp one last try. I have an old Thorcraft Mustang, its a handmade Canadian tube amp from the 60's and I need tubes for it, problem is there is absolutely no information on the internet or anywhere on them. I know most people will probably say, don't waste your time, but this thing sounded incredible when it worked. I picked it up for a case of cheap beer in a trade, and that's when all it needed was a speaker. At that point in time it still had the original tubes in it, problem is the writing on them had completely worn off, and one day I was cleaning said amp, had the tubes on the table, and my old ******ed dog knocked them to the hardwood floor, and shatter....

I'm going to post some pics and if any of you guys can help me out with what tubes I need to make this go again, I will forever be in your debt.

Sincerely, dude totally willing to trade soul for this information.

p.s Link to photobucket as it will not let me upload pictures on here...

"About 5 years ago, I was incredibly lucky to find an old Thorcraft Grant combo with a single alnico 10 speaker, and totally fell in love. The amp was made circa 1968 by a "boutique" dude named Hank Thorkelson, who passed away in 1970. The Grant is single-ended class-A is powered by a 6BQ5 power tube, and two 12AT7s. This amp became my go-to amp for all my live-club-playing needs for several years. For the first time in my guitar-playing life, I was able to push the power section to the max, and I started to get alot of compliments on the sweet tone of the Grant. "

this is all I can find, I know nothing about tube amps, but this guy mentions only 3 tubes, but I believe their should be 4, and I believe that there was 4?