Sooo... this might be a bit of a weird question, but the thing is that I THINK I pick from the wrist. Looks like it, and when I'm picking, I'm focusing on moving my wrist, not elbom / fingers / whatever (though I guess I do move the fingers and elbow a bit depending on what I'm picking)

but the problem is that when I play something very fast and end up tensing up a bit, I feel the tension near / around my elbow... I don't feel anything in my wrist. But even in that situation, it still LOOKS like I'm using my wrist (though moving the wrist very fast flaps about my arm a bit and makes it look like the elbow is also moving). I don't feel like I'm moving my elbow at all, but still, I feel tension in the elbow, but no tension in my wrist.

Not sure if related, but when I'm downpicking VERY fast (live version of master of puppets, for example), I start to use my elbow a lot. Only noticed this recently.
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