My band has a gig set up at the end of March at a venue in our area that we've played at many times, and we're well-liked by the people that run it. It's actually one of our favorite places to play. Unfortunately, a few weeks after we booked the gig, the venue announced that it will be closing, and implied that it will probably close in early April.

The problem is (aside from yet another venue we love closing), we haven't been able to get in touch with the place and we don't know what's going on with our show. They never gave a set date they'll be closing and they gave no indication of what's going on with shows while they're still open. If we are doing this show I want to know so I have time to promote it a bit, you know?

What do you think I should do? Just keep emailing them/trying to get in contact? Feels a little pushy. Just assume all upcoming shows are cancelled? Not really sure. Any advice on how to go about this would be appreciated.
Call/hop on by? Sending 500 emails saying "HEY WHAT'S GOING ON" is a little pushy indeed, but some business rarely read their emails anyways. (Nor do they feel like doing that often when they all know they're about to be out of work)

If you call and get no response, trying again later doesn't come across as pushy at all and basically grants you infinite tries. Or hell, leave a message.

If all else fails and just going there when they're open is an option... Yeah, that.
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When places close down there is usually a lot going on and little of it good. In the UK (you don't say where you are) it usually starts with managers being sacked or walking out so no-one there may have any record of bookings. See if you can find out who else is booked before you and see if they know anything.

Keep ringing until someone answers, if they can't get someone in to manage the place then it may have closed already if no-one is answering. It might be useful to email them that you are writing to confirm the booking and that if they don't reply within 7 days you are going to assume the gig is cancelled rather than just not turn up.

Probably you have just lost the gig, the people you like at the venue have lost their livelihoods.

Bad Luck.
i would stop on by. this business is all about networking, you already know the guys, so even if you stop by and its cancelled, one of the people there may end up at another venue, and they will remember you favorably.
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