Hi everyone, I recently under took a guitar project to make steam punk themed Jem. I've painted it and hand crafted a copper pick guard for that steam punk look. Now I'm up to wiring the pickups and I'm stumped as this is my first project.

I've opted for a matched pair of bareknuckle Cold sweat humbuckers with with 4 connectivity for split coil action and a EMG SC1-M for the single coil in the middle. all passive. the tone and volume are same as your standard Jem but I opted for a rotary switch for the pickup selector, with 6 positions and 2 poles.(see mspaint image attached).
I've connected the two poles in the middle together as they are the output and i thought that was what I should do and now after reading around a bit i find myself very confused. The selections I am aiming for are:
1. Neck Hum and Bridge Hum
2. Neck Hum
3. Neck slug and Middle
4. Middle
5. Bridge Slug and Middle
6. Bridge Humbucker

If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated otherwise i'll have to resort to trial and error, which could get messy.

Cheers, Nodster88.
4 conductor code.png
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I can't (daren't) really help with the wiring (someone'll be along soon, I'm sure) but a steampunk Jem sounds cool so I wanna see pictures.


I've been having a closer look at this (light lunchtime entertainment) and I don't think you can do it with just the single 2P6T rotary because you need both poles just to get the pickup combos you're after. You'd need another (maybe just a SPDT) switch to do the earthing that gives you coil split (which is what I assume you mean by "slug"). In this sketch I did, the blue would be the green & white wires joined together.

BUT, definitely wait for someone to confirm this because I'm really still getting to grips with the whole wiring thing.
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thanks for your thoughts on the wiring. My understanding was that you keep the green and white together and from what i can tell from schematics from other Jems is that gives you a single coil of the humbucker. i might have that wrong and it may actually be your humbucker and the single red is the single coil. then you just have a bare and black that go to the ground.
That's what I understand from the schematics that i've looked at that use just you standard 5-way switch. Like I said though, I'm not entirely sure and want to be sure i'm heading down the right track before i commit to the soldering stage.
According to the Bareknuckle diagrams, and the FAQ on their website, for standard humbucker operation you just join the white and green together. If you then short this connection to earth, that's what gives you the coil split. There's a really excellent article here that explains how it all works. I used this principal for the wiring of my Jem project (see sig: Build 3), which also has 3 rail HBs in it.

Your main issue is that I'm fairly sure you can't achieve this with your single 2P6T switch. But surely if you've got a steampunk theme going on then more switches is a bonus.
thanks for that article Paddy, it was really insightful. I had consider the option of another switch when i first thought that it may not be possible. Just couldn't really find any that had a small enough profile to fit in the cavity and not get it the way of any of the knobs I've got for each pot. I didn't really want to abandon the idea so I thought I'd see if anyone could help.
I'll have to play around with it and see how it goes.