Hey, not sure if this is a right place for this thread. I was wondering how much I can sell for the above mentioned guitar, LTD Viper-330, for. It's a discontinued model and in mint condition. No sign of use at all.

Also, what good humbucker guitars can you recommend for me between £200-£300. What I look for in a guitar:-
-22 frets
-no middle pickups
-ideally not XJ frets and low action
-hard tail bridge
-not SG style guitar, I don't like it when the bridge is high up on the guitar and while manageable, it's a bit awkward to play neck heavy guitars while standing.
-sound wise, I play a lot of classic rock but am fine with most tones though I prefer passive over active pickups.
-I currently live in London and am open to second-hand guitars.
(that's all I can think of for now)

Quite a long one for my first post but any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. =)