Hey Musicians,
HELP! i cannot make up my mind in choosing between Gibson SGJ made in USA and PRS SE Singlecut made in korea. I play mostly alternative rock, pop, emo punk, and some blues. I have tried them both and loved them both... although there were some minor things i found:

Unbalanced neck
the black pick up looks like a guitar for metal
the finish can ware out easily

-PRS SE Singlecut:
Body is a little bit heavy
no birds inlay

Both guitars' pick up sounded the same (at least to me..)
So...which guitar is better? and dont give me other recommendation. I only wanna choose between those 2.

A good Korean guitar or a cheapassed American guitar…and you actually have to think about this? Get the Korean guitar.
I got a PRS SE Custom 24 in December, and have since played it a lot at home and also used it as my main guitar at our last gig a week ago. I'd recommend a PRS SE to anyone looking for a workhorse guitar.

I also believe a PRS SE would be the better value by far comparing it to the SGJ. I am a big fan of Gibson, owning 2 Les Pauls (a Standard Faded and a Deluxe), but their low-end tends to leave a lot to be desired.
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I'd save up and buy a better Gibson.

But if you insist, the PRS SE.
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thanks for the replies guys, I am buying PRS SE Singlecut antique white. it has no birds inlay and i feel kind of bummed.
just an update. Finally I got my PRS SE Singlecut, beautiful white. The minute i played it at the store I straight fell in love with the sound and the playability. only the width nut is a bit sharp at the edge but It doesnt bother me. the set up is perfect, i think i will use it as my main guitar now. PRS SE Rocksss!! thank you for your suggestion