I have been playing guitar (electric) for about 7 years now, but I think it would be a good idea to get some grades under my belt. When I started learning guitar I got up to grade 2, but I stopped cus it was boring and wasn't teaching me anything. Now I have a fairly good understanding of music theory and can play some technically hard pieces. I want to do at least grade 6 (well I looked at the old grade songs (before 2012) and I could probably play even some of the grade 8 stuff)). My music theory as I said before is fairly decent, just right now I am working on reading music properly as before I had site read the tab and used the rhythm from the sheet music above, though now I can almost site read the top. What do people think, should I just get a grade 8 book and work up to it or go for grade 6 or 7 now? I'm currently doing GCSE's, but I relize grades do add a lot of UCAS points. Finally does anyone know where I can get hold of/look at the scores for the current(2012 and onward) songs on the syllabus for grade 6,7 and 8. Because that way I may be able to make a better decision rather than buying say grade 8 that after looking at the music I know I definitely wont be able to play.

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks
Go to your local music shop and have a look at the rockschool grade books, even if you are technically good at playing, it'll take a while to get the pieces good enough for an exam, the previous grade 8 book wasn't so hard technically however there are tricky rhythms and timings, also there is the scales and chords part, you'll have to learn all of those along with more advanced music theory. I suggest doing your grade 6 to start with if you're still doing GCSE's, that's the lowest grade that gives you UCAS points, then work on your grade 8 and try to get a distinction to get the most UCAS points, don't go rushing into it because you want to be able to say, I have grade 8 playing (it's not as impressive once you get older and everyone else does!)