1) Whatsa good methods to stop myandf from anchoring with the base of my thumb? Especially when playing the low e string? I also rest my palm on the strings

When playing on the higher strings, I find it helps when needing to mute then for solos etc but I think I am also anchoring.

2) Also when playing on low e my pick changes from an upward angle To a downward angle and if I try and make it the same angle as with other strings its very uncomfortable. Is this normal?
Not sure what you're referring to when you say the base of your thumb

Anchoring becomes a problem when there's unnecessary tension. Palm muting is generally not considered anchoring at all, unless you had stiffen to the point where it would get stiff. It'd probably cause your notes to mute as well, so I doubt that's a problem.

Do you mean the high e? The idea is that you hand should be interrupting the other strings to play, if you have to alter your entire hand to pick the strings different, you may have to adjust the angles to something less extreme.
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By base of the thumb i mean the part on the bottom of the palms that the thumb sticks out from. Sorry for my english its my second language.

I mean low e (thickest string) when i play it i rest my palm on the scratchplate above the string and hit it with the pick at a very different angle to the other strings.

To try and make it more clearer: when i play the strings apart from low e, my wrist is slightly bent forward, the pick is angled up slightly then turned 40 degrees and plays smoothly over the string.

When I change to play the low e, my wrist is now not bent at all, and picking the string with the pick facing down towards the floor.
A common misconception seems to be that while "anchoring" is seen as a bad thing, some people assume that it's wrong for your picking hand to be in any contact with your guitar except for your pick on the strings. Anchoring is bad if it tenses up your muscles and joints. Having your palm rest on the strings slightly is a good thing for muting unwanted string noise, and it also provides some stability. Also I think that your fingers grazing the body of the guitar isn't a bad thing as long as it doesn't make you tense or that your not "locking" yourself to a certain position: That makes you play with a different techique for example on the 2nd string than on the 5th string. And that's the opposite of how it should be.
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