New to the forum. Have searched for an answer for my question but getting nowhere.

I don't know if this feature has a certain name, but here's what I'm after.

Some effects pedals I've used in the past have had the option to record a section, then play it back, continuously. So in essence you could play out a rhythm riff whilst 'recording' it through the pedal, then stop at a certain point. It'll then loop what you've just recorded so you can then play a lead riff over the top.

Does the Boss GT6 have this feature? Searching Google for GT6 recording loop gives me loads of links to linking auxiliary effects pedals or amp effects loop through the GT6 but can't find a definitive answer on what I'm after.

I'd appreciate any help and hopefully someone can answer my question and confirm whether the GT6 can do this natively or if I need to purchase an additional pedal or piece of kit to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

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What you're describing is a looper. Based on a quick google search, I don't think the GT 6 has a looper.

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